Get mentored by experts in the industry


Get mentored by experts in the industry

Why Choose Evolve Robotics

Kids can accomplish anything they set their minds to!
Encourage them to imagine and create alongside their peers by providing them with a quality online learning experience.

Benefits from Evolve Robotics

Evolve Robotics is helping more than 10,000 parents give their kids the competitive edge

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon enrollment, your robotics kit will be shipped to you within 24 hours. Kits are well tested and come with a 100% replacement guarantee.

You can pick a time slot for the 1:1 classes based on your convenience.

In the 1:1 classes, our expert teachers will guide your child in a very structured manner. Your child will solve interesting problems and prototype solutions with the kit.

You can enroll for a free demo class to understand how our classes work. Pay only when you are confident and if you like our teaching methodology!

There are various courses varying from 10 classes to 150 classes. Each class runs for 1 hour. We recommend 2 classes per week.

You can find out the details and decide which one suits your requirement after your trial class is completed so you can make a better decision.

Your kid will get all the components needed to build the projects including sensors, actuators and building blocks. The kits and components are specially developed for kids of the age group and are very safe to use. You will just have to purchase batteries available in local market to power the kit (we are unable to ship batteries due to restrictions). Our team shall assist you in getting this item, if needed.

With Evolve Robotics, your kid gets to build projects from scratch “literally”. Building projects using rugged components (wood, nuts, bolts etc, will give kids the confidence of a creator and helps them believe that products can be “created” rather than “assembled”.

We want your kid to believe that they don’t need factory-made kits to innovate and that innovation is something that happens in their own brains. We want them to have a mindset of using components available around them for innovation and not look at amazon for kits. Lets make your kid the “real” innovator.

What Client Say About Us

Our Happy Clients

We are committed to building trust with our clients

Our initial intention was to engage Rahul in some creative activities so that he used his energy constructively. What transpired was tremendous. Now he has a unique liking for robotics and electronics

-Mr. M.K Prakashan

Robotics training was superb. We learnt many things about the robots, how it works and enjoyed learning it. Thank you Evolve Robotics for giving us this opportunity

-Mr.Muhammed Ashraf

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    EIRO 2023 is a series of robotics competitions where students from all over the world participate with their autonomous robots in various activities and learn and develop a deep understanding of the principles of STEM.

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