Becoming A Host School for EIRO India in Your City

We’re currently looking for partner host schools/ venue partners in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and in your city. So if you want to showcase your school as the city leader, become the partner host School to host EIRO India in your City.

Here is a great opportunity for your school to participate in EVOLVE INDIA ROBOT OLYMPIAD -2023 (EIRO).

Program Overview

What Evolve Robotics Provide

Advanced Robotic kits for training/Demo

Experienced & eminent trainers/ instructors

Training & Expo Equipment’s/ Tools

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How EIRO 2023 helps schools

Conducting EIRO 2023 in Schools will be helpful for the students to get high exposure to the latest technologies and they will get an opportunity to improve their knowledge in fields like Robotics , Artificial Intelligence and coding.

By conducting these events, schools can ensure that they are leading their students on the right path by providing a platform for them to get training on the latest technologies. As students are presenting their creative projects to parents, teachers, and students from other schools, the school will gain more reputation and prove as an institution that supports students in their creative initiatives.


Sumo Wrestling

Lego Sumo-bot wrestling is a contest where two LEGO robot contestants build with colorsensors and motors try to push or flip each other out of a circular ring. The first robot to touch the floor outside of the ring loses. The last robot remaining in the ring wins.

Line Follower with Arduino

Student groups are challenged to program and build robots with color sensors to follow a blackline. They test their ideas for approaches to solve the problem and ultimately learn a (provided) working programming solution. They think of real-world applications for line-follower robots that use sensor input.

Python with computer vision

involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Contestants arereferred to as sport programmers.


The goal of the contest is to design an Acceleration Sensor based Hand Gesture controlled Robot(manually controlled robot) that will start from the start point &reach to the center of a maze as fast as possible.

Exhibition JR & SR

This event aims to bring out the scientists in you. We welcome the innovative ideas of young minds(grade 5 th onwards).

Note: Participants should send their project abstract 5 days Before the Interschool Robo fest , 2023.

To register your team/school

We are very much looking forward to your registration and the contributions of your pupils. Please feel free to pass this information to other interested Schools/students.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

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Evolve India Vacation Camp on Robotics.

Evolve India Robot Olympiad to National Robofest: A Journey of Excellence !!!

Evolve India Robot Olympiad to National Robofest: A Journey of Excellence !!!

Evolve India Robot Olympiad to National Robofest: A Journey of Excellence !!!

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