Robotics & AI Coding LAB

STEAM Is For Today, AI LAB Is for Tomorrow

It’s not just a AI Lab, It's a Skilling Program!

Experience the endeavour of interactive learning with a world-class lab, space to code AI-powered Evolve Robotics, and learning resources for both students and teachers!

AI and Robotics Lab

World-class AI laboratory infrastructure with DIY kits for project-based learning

Coding & AI Platform

All-in-one coding environment designed for students with block-based coding & Python

Structured Curriculum

Year-long curriculum for class 2nd to 12th as per NEP 2020 and IB/CBSE Skill Subjects.

Discover Next-Gen Evolve Infinity AI Lab

Interactive AI & Robotics Lab for Schools implementing applied curriculum with technology skill subjects like Drone ,IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in this digital era!

What's Includes:

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Works with every budget

We cater to every budget for robotics lab installations. Please connect with our project coordinator at 9747215853 for assistance. Our experienced executive will help you plan and set up your robotics lab efficiently. Regardless of your budget constraints, we strive to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your needs.

Lab for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

It's a fully integrated solution with the highest level of service quality including complete installation, professional development, and direct access to support and online resources to ensure your program success. It converts generic STEM concepts to real-life experiences, which put artificial intelligence in the centre of learning

We provide Lab & Classroom Kits

Lab for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Young brains who grew up with Transformers, Wall-E, and Iron Man are easily influenced by robotics. This piques their interest in Math, Engineering, Science, and the Arts while also effectively channelling their energies.

STEM & Robotics Classroom Kits

Making robotics learning kits a part of the classroom is the best way to teach robotics in the classroom. Evolve Robotics offers STEM classroom kits that are specifically designed to teach students, particularly novices, the fundamentals of robotics, electronics, and programming in an engaging manner.

Advanced Educational Resources

Best 3D Printers For Schools & STEM Education 2022

Schools around the world are increasingly turning to more innovative ways of teaching children, moving away from dull lesson plans and toward learning through play. Education must alter to keep up with the changing world. Schools are looking for the best 3D printers for kids for education to prepare students for careers in engineering or 3D software creation.

AI LAB for Education

The Robotics/AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lab is a lab that will be integrated into the academic structure of the school. It will improve the technology element of the students' learning, such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, and hand-eye coordination.

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We ship AI LABs globally, and our team will be there, on-site, to install configure the deploy the lab. Once ready, we will invite your team on a comprehensive training session that will ensure everyone involved is ready to teach with the great AI tools you purchased.

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Evolve India Vacation Camp on Robotics.

Evolve India Robot Olympiad to National Robofest: A Journey of Excellence !!!

Evolve India Robot Olympiad to National Robofest: A Journey of Excellence !!!

Evolve India Robot Olympiad to National Robofest: A Journey of Excellence !!!

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